Simplified “Do-It-Youself” Interface
  for Managing Advanced IT Systems

High-Speed and High Security Built-In
  + Every Design Feature You'll Ever Need

Easy Search Engine Optimization
  + Automatic Mobile Compatibility

●  WOW Website Marketing System  ●
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WOW Sales Machines are Promoting:

♦  “Do It Yourself” System
♦  “We Do It For You” Options
♦  “We Do It All” Lead Generation*

    ( *only pay when leads are provided )

A Designer’s Dream

The WOW Website’s simple “no coding” point-and-click tools provide more features and capabilities than any pre-configured website system in the world, all intuitively organized in an amazingly simple interface, which provides true “corner to corner” control over every visible element of the website, including sophisticated design features, animations, external data feeds, different display options for desktops, tablets and smartphones, and much more!


Internet Marketing Systems Built-In

Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques are built into your WOW Website, including simple tools for easily importing professionally designed templates from our WOW Website Design Library, applying advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Like, Share and Follow integration, “Call To Action” popups and forms, A/B Split Testing, automatic blog notifications to dozens of social media websites, and automatic product postings to over 100 shopping sites (Amazon, Ebay, etc).

The WOW Factor!

Research Studies conclude that when consumers visit a website, they will form a positive or negative “first impression” about the credibility of the business within two-tenths of a second, and either reinforce a positive opinion, or lose interest in the business, within the following 3 seconds. That makes the “WOW Factor” of your website one of the most important considerations in your Internet Marketing strategy, and an easy goal with a WOW Website.

Built For Speed and Security

The Super Marketing Cloud also incorporates some of the most advanced speed-boosting and anti-hacker systems available, to deliver web pages lightning-fast, while keeping those pesky hackers locked out. Complex web pages (like this one) with lots of large photos and dynamic features will typically load in less than 2 seconds, while being protected by 35 added security measures, to rank among the fastest and most secure websites in the world.

How the WOW Website Works

Smart Starting Point

Starts as a Fully Functional Website, including starter content, photos, contact forms, and products for sale

Do-It-Yourself Tools

Simple “no coding” point-and-click tools allow you to design like a pro, and manage apps quickly and easily

Super-Fast and Secure

The Super Marketing Cloud platform delivers web pages lightning-fast, and protects your website from hackers

Super Support

Not enough time to Do-It-Yourself? We can affordably assist you, or even manage your entire campaign

We use the WOW Sales Machine for our entire E-Marketing campaign and we strive to push it to its limits! We’ve got big long web pages with huge photos, scroll effects, interactive applications and social media integrations, and the web pages still load in a couple of seconds! The Social media tools are a godsend for simplifying our online marketing processes, and the Super CRM not only fulfills all of our sales management needs, we use it as our customer support system as well. All in all it has turned out to be everything we hope for, and more!

Scott Miyano

Marketing Chief, 5000 Free TV

Our new website is complete and we love how it automatically reformats the content to fit on a desktop/laptop as well as a SmartPhone and Tablet. This new design does a wonderful job of combining our old web content into a minimal amount of very good looking web pages, so there’s more info on less pages (combining the exercise instructions into the photo gallery was an especially nice touch). The new e-commerce system is pretty slick too, and I’m excited about how this website can be expanded to include our future products. Love it!

Bill Kelly

Proprietor, Pro-Fitted Golf Clubs

We’ve got a dual-purpose company that provides landscaping for half the year and Christmas Decor during the other half, and that means running two alternating marketing campaigns for both. The WOW Sales Machine has simplified this process by giving us the “do it yourself” capability to change the homepage twice a year, make updates whenever we want, and easily integrate the outside E-marketing professionals who manage our social media campaigns for us, and they love the system too! Definitely one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Kim Poulin

Marketing Director, Picture Perfect Landscape

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