●  WOW Video Production  ●
     Impresses People with TV Promotion

●  WOW Online Events  ●
     Engages Groups in Live Interactions

●  WOW E-Marketing System  ●
     Attracts Customers to Your Business

●  WOW Website System  ●
     Turns Consumer Confidence into Sales


WOW Sales Machines are Promoting:

♦  “Do It Yourself” System
♦  “We Do It For You” Options
♦  “We Do It All” Lead Generation*

    ( *only pay when leads are provided )

Graduate from Toy Websites to Real Fortune 500 Level Marketing, Using the Most Complete Set of Website Design and Promotion Tools ever Assembled into One “Do-It-Yourself” Internet Marketing Solution.

Accomplish Your Mass Marketing Goals

WOW Website gets Top Rankings on Google, Bing, etc.

Attract Thousands of Followers on Facebook, Twiter, etc.

Automate Mobile-Texting, Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Auto-Post Your Products to Over 100 Shopping Sites

Supercharge Your Publice Relations with Interactive Events


WOW Website System

  ♦  Amazing Visitor Interaction Features
  ♦  Blog, SEO and E-Commerce Included
  ♦  Fast, Secure & Mobile Responsive
  ♦  Intuitive Do-It-Yourself System

WOW E-Marketing System

  ♦  Amazing Marketing Automation Features
  ♦  Cutting-Edge Social Media Marketing
  ♦  Email & Mobile Marketing + CRM Included
  ♦  “We Do It All” Lead Generation Option

WOW Video Production

  ♦  High Quality Videos at Budget Prices
  ♦  No On-Location Video Shots Required
  ♦  “You Shoot & We Edit” Upload Option
  ♦  Professional Videographers Available

WOW Online Events

  ♦  High-Capacity Video-Conferencing
  ♦  Online Learning Management Systems
  ♦  Online Event Planning & Promotion
  ♦  Post-Event Crowdfunding Management

WOW Pricing & Support Options

We apply the IT industry’s most advanced systems to deliver superior services at a fraction of what our competitors charge.

Affordable Expertise At Your Request

Click any icon below to review our pricing models and expand more detailed descriptions.

WOW Website Installation


Installation of our WOW Website System Software with associated licensing, your choice of website design from the 800+ integrated layouts, with your company logo and colors, custom menu setup with associated web pages, positioned text and photos for you to replace, online contact form, domain name and email accounts setup, webmail portal, cPanel hosting manager, temporary SSL certificate (90 days) and 1 month of high-speed hosting.



WOW Website Services

WOW Website System Hosting
$10 per month

Makes your WOW Website accessible on the world-wide web via 1gbps internet connections and 10gb of SSD data storage that can deliver over 10,000 page views per day (up to 10gb of daily throughput) at the highest speeds, incorporating PHP-FPM, InnoDB, Gzip, Varnish, and other page-speed optimization technologies. The hosting system can be self-managed by you using the simple a cPanel hosting manager, including domain name and Email account setups, file and database editing, usage statistics and much more. Higher capacity hosting up to 1 million page views per day is also available upon request.

Website Consultation & Planning

Professional consultation and advice that leads to a written “road map” of your E-Marketing goals, including a detailed budget of all associated costs.

♦ “Less-Is-More” SEO Copywriting
10¢ per word

Write new text content or convert your existing website text into more effective “Less Is More” marketing messages that includes top-ranking SEO keywords within the text..

SEO Photo Selection/Preparation
$25 per photo

Professional selection and placement of photographs and/or graphics from 123RF.com that compliment the associated text content on your WOW Website (or preparation of client-provided photos/graphics) that include top-ranking SEO keywords within the image-info tags.

Simple Web Page Layout
$50 per page

Layout up to 6 paragraphs of text with up to 6 associated photos or videos within a pre-designed web page template (text and images/videos copied from another website, or provided by you, or purchased from us).

Complex Web Page Layout
(by quote)

Web page layout that includes interactive features or complex layout designs that require significant setup and data-entry services to achieve (e.g. large data tables, popup & slide-in overlays, expandable sections, etc).

Custom Website Design
$500 per website

If you would prefer have us create a unique website design, based upon multiple design examples taken from other websites, or any unique ideas that you may have, we can guide you through the creative process and assemble your truly original website design on the WOW Website System.

Integrated Call-To-Action Campaigns
$50 per popup

Help you to write compelling content for one of the 100+ integrated popup “Call To Action” templates included in your WOW Website System, which are designed to capture visitor contact information, and provide you with training for administrating and performance-tracking the associated promotions (free gifts, discount coupons, etc).

Custom Call-To-Action Campaigns
$250 per promotion

Write content and design layout for customized popup and drop-down “Call To Action” promotions, including linked Surveys, Contests, Multi-Part Forms, or any other promotional program you can imagine. Includes instructions for administrating and performance-tracking the associated promotions.

Custom Application Development
(by quote)

Custom software development for any internet application you can imagine, from simple Mobile Apps to complex Business Applications, our team of expert software engineers can deliver the results quickly, impressively, and inexpensively on our WOW Application platform.

Photo Cutouts
$50 per cut-out

Professional cutting-out of elements (people, objects, etc.) from within a photo, resulting a photo of only that element on a white background (for a cut-out effect on your website) or on a transparent background (for use in composite photos).

Composite Photos
$100 per composite photo

Professional composition of a custom collage of “Photo Cut-Outs” on your selected photo background to create a unique “Composite Photo” that expresses the desired visual message without the expense of a custom photo shoot.

SSL Domain Name Installation
$100 per domain name

Register or Transfer Domain Name + Install with “GeoTrust RapidSSL” Certificate (basic, inexpensive certification of 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit key). Includes setup of up to 10 Email addresses.

Validated SSL Domain Name
$300 per domain name

Same asthe “SSL Domain Name Installation” above, but with an advanced “GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV” SSL Certificate (displays green bar in browser, indicating validation of organization’s identity, physical address, and domain ownership).

Email Account Migrations
$50 per Email address

If your IMAP Email is currently delivered by a cPanel Hosting System (the most popular system in the world) then we can migrate all existing and archived Email messages from your old hosting platform into the WOW Sales Machine. Includes assistance with setting up local Email clients, and training on the use of the WOW Sales Machine’s email and webmail systems.

Web Page Redirects
$100 per website

Use the included “Legacy Page Redirection” tool to automatically redirect people and search-engines who are using your old website page URLs, to pages on your new website that have similar content, to retain your current search engine rankings and prevent customer frustrations.

WOW E-Marketing System Setup


Installation of our WOW E-Marketing System Software with associated licensing, including integration of 6 of your social media accounts, setup of up to 6 new social media accounts if needed, account setup and integration of compatible Bulk Email Service, SMS text-messaging service, WOW Website Follow and Share buttons, WOW Website Blog, WOW Search Engine Optimization Manager, WOW Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and 1 month of system hosting.


WOW E-Marketing Services

WOW E-Marketing System Hosting
$25 per month

Makes your “Do-It-Yourself” Social Media Manager and Marketing Automation Systems accessible to both you and the associated Social Media Networks, Bulk Email Service, SMS Text-Messaging services (etc.) via 1gbps internet connections and 10gb of SSD data storage that can deliver data and content at the highest speeds.

♦ “We Do It All” Lead Generation
( priced by industry )

Provision of Scheduled Appointments for you to speak with people who have previously expressed interest in buying your products and/or services (a.k.a. Qualified Leads). This customized program leaves all of the setup and management of the E-Marketing services listed below to our care, thus allowing you to avoid much of the up-front costs, and enjoy the convenience of simply attending scheduled appointments for phone calls and/or video meetings, which are only billed after the Scheduled Appointments commence.

Local Search Engine Optimization
$100 per listing elevation

Raise any given web page URL to a higher listing position on the major search engines for your choice of any 3 search keywords or phrases accompanied with your city or area name (free setup with fees due monthly upon confirmed higher listing position on Google.com -or- Bing.com -or- DuckDuckGo.com).

National SEO
$1,000 per listing elevation

The same as “Local Search-Engine Optimization” but the search keywords or phrases searches do not include a city or area name.

Social Media Marketing Management
$5 per action*

Effective management of your Social Media Marketing campaign, including application of complex strategies and timing for posting Blog articles to your WOW Website and Social Networks, responding to comments on your Blog posts, adding comments to Social Influencers’ Posts, sharing posts that will interest people in your networks, identifying and messaging active members in your networks, inviting people to join your networks, and directing interested parties to your WOW Website.
    * client can limit the maximum number of actions per month

Search & Social Media Advertising
10% of ad fees

Setup and administrate Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oath.com, etc.

Affiliate Advertising
10% of payouts

Setup and administrate an Affiliate Marketing Campaign on either  Commission Junction,  Clickbank,  Rakuten,  or using your own Affiliate Payment System installed on your WOW Website System.

Email Marketing Templates
$100 per template

Write and layout up to 3 paragraphs and up to 3 photos in a professionally designed Email template.

Email Marketing Campaigns
5¢ per send ( $50- minimum )

Verify Opt-In Email lists, Manage Opt-Outs, and administrate bulk delivery.

Text Message Marketing
8¢ per send ( $40- minimum )

Setup and administrate Text Message Marketing campaigns that comply with FCC regulations, including abandoned cart reminders, appointment reminders, coupon code offers, voting and polling apps, and social media links.

Direct Mail Card/Brochure Design
$100 per side/page

Write and layout up to 3 paragraphs and up to 3 photos in a professionally designed Email template.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign
( pricing below )

Organize lists, then print and send Direct Mail pieces to recipients (includes postage).

Post Cards = 60¢ each
#10 Envelopes with up to 3 8×11″ sheets = $1 each
Multi-Page Bound Publications = 25¢ per page

CRM Data Migrations
50¢ per record

Migrate all existing and archived data from your old CRM to our included “Super CRM”

Quick Projects

Any Project or Live Training that takes less than a half-hour.
  * Fixed quotes can be provided in advance, based upon an hourly rate

Extended Tasks
$75 per hour*

Any Project or Live Training that takes over a half-hour.
  * Fixed quotes can be provided in advance, based upon the hourly rate

WOW Video Production


Production of a “WOW Budget Video” that is approximately 30 seconds long in High Definition (1080p x 1920p) including video script writing based upon your existing website text copy, photographs* and/or any video footage that you provide, professional title-bars, graphics and special effects, professional voice-over audio track, background music audio track, and uploading the finished video to YouTube.com with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and video-embedding link for your WOW Website.


WOW Video Production Services

Consultation & Planning

Professional consultation and advice that leads to a written “road map” of your Video Production goals, including a detailed budget of all associated costs, advice on how to script your video, and training on the best ways to shoot “Client-Provided Video” clips.

Longer Videos
$10 per second

Videos that are more than 30 seconds long are subject to a $10 fee for each additional second beyond the included 30 seconds.

Client-Provided Video
$1 per second

Professional processing and scene selection from video clips provided by you for inclusion in the videos we produce for you. Drag-and-Drop video uploading tools are made available to you for uploading your videos, and fees are based upon the total length of all video uploaded.

Stock Video Selection
$20 per second

Professional selection and inclusion of video clips from 123RF.com that compliment the associated video-script for your WOW Video Production (no audio in raw clips). We can also add lip-synced voice-over and/or matching sound-effects to these video clips for an additional $20 per second.

Video Cutouts
$50 per clip

Professional cutting-out of elements (people, objects, etc.) from a “Client-Provided Video” that has a solid-color background that is significantly different than any color in the targeted elements (usually bright green). The resulting Video Cutout can then be layered on top of a separate video backround (e.g. the Cutout on top of Mount Everest, or swimming with sharks, etc).

Complex Animations
$10 per element

Inclusion of animated video segments that are more complex than the scene transitions and/or photo-zooming that is included in the base cost. Examples of Complex Animations include multiple Bullet-List items, Infographic items, or Photo Cutouts that appear one item at a time, or Video Cutouts that move across the video, etc.

Licensed Video
$100 + license fee

Sourcing and licensing of requested content that includes video clips that feature celebrities, scenes from Movies and TV Shows, and other copyright-protected video content, which commonly involves special licensing and associated fees set by the content owners.

WOW Online Event Setup


Software Setup on our High-Capacity Video-Conferencing System for up to 400 participants with up to 25 presenters (or more with add-on fees) including Event Planning Consultation and Do-It-Yourself Training, event registration and “Waiting Room” page setup, and paid event payments setup (optional). Additional services are available below for planning, managing, facilitating, and promoting your events.



WOW Online Event Services

Consultation & Training

Professional consultation and advice that leads to a written “road map” of your Online Event goals, including a detailed budget of all associated costs, possibilities to obtain those costs from Event Sponsors, the Event’s agenda, available presenters, participant interaction, and post-event fundraising programs.

Sponsor Program Facilitation
FREE upon request

Non-profit organizations can authorize us to identify philanthropic people, businesses and organizations that will contribute funds for the facilitation of your Online Event. This option would limit the non-profit’s total expense to the initial $400 Software Setup, and have us fund-raise the remaining amount required to promote and facilitate the Online Event (often including sponsor promotions before and after the Event).

Event Planning & Scheduling
$300 per presenter*

Professional consultation and management of all Online Event plannining and scheduling, identifying appropriate presenters, preparing and reminding the selected presenters, guiding the preparation of graphic presentations and videos, and guiding the preparation of any downloadable “take home” materials and post-event promotions.
  * $300 per presenter if provided by client, $1,000 minimum per presenter if provided by us.

Event Setup & Facilitation
$200 per presenter + $1 per participant registration**

Online Event System Setup to meet the specifications of the Event Planning & Scheduling, setup and monitoring of participant registration prior to the Event, real-time operation of the Online Event Systems during the Event, while also managing the presenters and their graphic presentations to ensure the success of the Event.
  ** Up to 400 participants included + $1 per additional participant over 400.

Event Promotion & Marketing
$4 per participant registration

Setup and application of the “WOW E-Marketing System” to attract participants to your Online Event, including the creation of a dedicated “WOW Website” and “WOW Video” for the promotion of the Event. You can limit the number of registered participants to fit your budget, or authorize an unlimited promotional campaign with sequential billing.

Crowdfunding Faciliatation
10% of Funds Raised

Setup and facilitation of an associated Crowdfunding Campaign on GoFundMe.com or IndieGoGo.com or your own Crowdfunding system installed on your WOW Website, including professional layout of text and photos on your Crowdfunding page, SEO keywords inclusion, Perks setup and fulfillment reporting, and Payment Processor setup.

Event Replays & Fundraising
10% of Funds Raised

Ongoing fundraising promotion after the Live Online Event has completed, including free or paid access to Event Replays, Email and Text Messaging drip campaigns to motivate additional fundraising donations, and a simple donation platform on your WOW Website to collect donations after your Crowdfunding campaign has ended.

We use the WOW Sales Machine for our entire E-Marketing campaign and we strive to push it to its limits! We’ve got big long web pages with huge photos, scroll effects, interactive applications and social media integrations, and the web pages still load in a couple of seconds! The Social media tools are a godsend for simplifying our online marketing processes, and the Super CRM not only fulfills all of our sales management needs, we use it as our customer support system as well. All in all it has turned out to be everything we hope for, and more!

Scott Miyano

Marketing Chief, 5000 Free TV

Our new website is complete and we love how it automatically reformats the content to fit on a desktop/laptop as well as a SmartPhone and Tablet. This new design does a wonderful job of combining our old web content into a minimal amount of very good looking web pages, so there’s more info on less pages (combining the exercise instructions into the photo gallery was an especially nice touch). The new e-commerce system is pretty slick too, and I’m excited about how this website can be expanded to include our future products. Love it!

Bill Kelly

Proprietor, Pro-Fitted Golf Clubs

We’ve got a dual-purpose company that provides landscaping for half the year and Christmas Decor during the other half, and that means running two alternating marketing campaigns for both. The WOW Sales Machine has simplified this process by giving us the “do it yourself” capability to change the homepage twice a year, make updates whenever we want, and easily integrate the outside E-marketing professionals who manage our social media campaigns for us, and they love the system too! Definitely one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Kim Poulin

Marketing Director, Picture Perfect Landscape

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